Our Suppliers

Our suppliers are located in Cornwall, a region known for producing some of the finest products in the United Kingdom. We are proud to source the best that Cornwall has to offer and include these top-quality suppliers in our inventory. From delectable food items to unique artisanal products, we are constantly seeking out the best of Cornwall to offer to our customers.
To expand our inventory, we are constantly seeking new supplies. Please contact us at support@thecornishcompany.com if you are interested in supplying us.


Rodda's is a legendary Cornish dairy that has been in operation since 1890, when Eliza Jane Rodda began crafting clotted cream in her farmhouse kitchen. Over time, the brand has gained global recognition, and its products are now enjoyed around the world. The cream has a luxuriously thick consistency with a beautiful golden crust, making it the ideal accompaniment for a traditional Cornish cream tea or to be added to any dish to your liking.


Cornish Tea & Coffee

In 2012, Duncan Bond founded Cornish Tea and Coffee after his sister-in-law expressed a need for a local tea supplier. Just six months later, the first box of Cornish Tea was created, followed by coffee a few years later. Today, the brand has its own factory and produces over 50 products, offering employment to over 30 staff members. They are also dedicated to developing eco-friendly products, including plastic-free tea bags.


Furniss Biscuits

Since 1886, Furniss has been using perfected recipes to craft high-quality biscuits. The story of Furniss began with John Cooper Furniss opening his first teashop in the heart of Truro. Today, Furniss is the sole licensed company in the world to produce The Original Cornish Fairing™. 


Boddingtons Berries

Boddington's Berries, established in the 1940s as a market garden, is now run by the third generation of the family. With a small team of just seven members, including an annual Harper Adams University placement student, they supply fresh strawberries and conserves to wholesalers, caterers, and retailers. Their flagship product is the Strawberry Conserve, which is what we use in our famous cream teas. With over 70 years of experience in the soft fruit industry and almost 20 in the preserve market, they are committed to providing consistently high-quality products and services


St Austell Brewery 

In 1851, Walter Hicks started as a modest wine merchant and maltster, which marked the beginning of their journey. Today, after acquiring Bath Ales in 2016, St Austell Brewery has become a Family Group.

Kernow Chocolate

Kernow Chocolate set up shop in 2005 to help put food on the family table; many years and a lot of hard work later, they're now Cornwall’s largest artisan chocolate maker, supplying to shops, tourist attractions and little hands everywhere.

Tarquins's Cornish Gin

At the young age of 23, Tarquin, a classically trained chef from Cordon Bleu in Paris, had an epiphany while sitting behind a grey desk in London. He knew that his passion lay in creating, not in the corporate world. Supported by his sister Athene, he set his sights on establishing the first Cornish distillery in over 100 years. With a little pot-still on his kitchen stove and a suitcase full of botanicals, Tarquin began his journey to create the world's best gin.


Portreath Bakery

Made Marion Gluten Free is a new range by Portreath Bakery, a small family-owned business in Cornwall. Founder Marion Symonds is an experienced Master craft baker, with four shops, a wholesale business, and a large bakery. She's also a well-known figure in Cornwall, having appeared on TV and radio, and won awards for promoting the Cornish Pasty. Made Marion Gluten Free supplies us with gluten-free scones, which can be found in our gluten-free cream tea hamper. 


Since 1964, Buttermilk has been a family-run confectionery company that started selling fudge in Cornwall. Over time, they have expanded their offerings to include plant-based chocolate treats that are suitable for everyone. Their products are made from natural ingredients and are free from dairy, gluten, and palm oil. So, there's no reason not to share them with others.

Prima Bakeries 

Prima Bakeries, established in 1978 as a pizza base manufacturer, has evolved into a top-quality craft bakery. Ross, the third generation of the Buist family, ensures that their products meet the highest standards. Based in Scorrier near Redruth, their bakery produces traditional Cornish delicacies, such as Saffron Buns and Hevva Cake, with an emphasis on taste and freshness, you can find a a section of their goods on our website including the Sweet & Savoury Hamper


After years as fish merchants in Newlyn, John and Kim Coulson bought a run-down flower farm in Penzance. With advice from Bob Lindo at Camel Valley, they planted vines and created Cornwall's first vineyard. Despite early successes, bad harvests in 2007 and 2008 left almost no wine. The Coulsons turned to making cider, which is more reliable in Cornish weather. 

Healeys Cornish Cyder Farm

Since purchasing a 150-year-old farm and a 16th-century press in 1986, Healeys has produced award-winning ciders including the famous rattler. Although it remains a family business, it's now Cornwall's biggest cider producer.

Cornish Orchards 

In 1992, Andy Atkinson planted the orchards at Westnorth Farm in southeast Cornwall that now supply Cornish Orchards with the fruit used to create their range of premium whole fruit drinks and award-winning ciders. 

Camel Valley

Bob Lindo, a former RAF pilot, and his wife Annie purchased a farm in the Cornish countryside and planted their first 8,000 vines in 1989. Despite the initial hard work of farming and handpicking the grapes, their dedication to perfection paid off with awards in national and international competitions. Bob achieved his finest moment in 2005 when Camel Valley's 'Cornwall' sparkling wine won an International Wine Challenge Gold Medal.

Cornish Ketchup Company 

The Cornish Ketchup Company has been making high-quality, handmade ketchup using only 100% natural ingredients since 2012.

Sisley’s & Crellow 

In 2003, Wendy and Barrie Sisley founded 'Sisley's Cornish Preserves' in Penzance. They produced jars of marmalade, jam & chutney with traditional recipes. The brand quickly became popular in the local area.

Haywood Cider 

Haywood Farm Cider is made completely from their own apples grown on the farm at St Mabyn, Cornwall. Their cider typically contains 10 or more varieties of apple, creating an easy drinking cider with a good balance of sweetness, tannin and acidity. Fruity but with body! 

Norton Barton Artisan Food Village 

POPTI Cornish bakehouse, founded in 2015, produces award-winning POPTI Savoury Thins with small batches of ingredients found in your kitchen, free of artificial additives. They prioritize using local ingredients, like Cornish Sea Salt and Cornish Seaweed's dulse, and received financial and mentoring support from Norton Barton founders to help the bakery flourish. You can find their products in a selection of hampers including our popular Cornish Cheese Hamper

Cornish Cheese Co

Cornish Blue cheese, a product of Stansfield's farm in Bodmin Moor, has been in production since 2001. Facing a crisis due to the collapse of milk prices, the Stansfields decided to turn to cheese production as a new source of revenue. Phillip enrolled in a cheesemaking course, set up a production facility in a former bottling plant, and thus, the idea of making Cornish Blue was born.